WebFOCUS Developer Studio: The JSCOM 3 Error

JSCOM 3 is part of the Java library and enables various features in the WebFOCUS platform; for example, it provides a way to upload Excel data through the Report Server and automatically creates a synonym for it.

It took a while to find what I needed to address the problem as I haven’t touched Java in a very long time, but here’s how to fix it if you are doing development on a Windows machine.  Make sure you have the Java development kit environment installed on your development machine. You can get the installs here if you don’t have it:

Jave Development Kit

Technically speaking, you could install the Java Runtime Environment, as well; but I have only tested this fix with the JDK.

Once you have that installed, you have to add an Environment Variable to Windows. If you don’t know how to do that, you can follow this article at your own risk.

You need to add a System Variable called:

JDK_HOME = [location of jdk]

In my case it was: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_25

Next time you load up Developer Studio, your JSCOM 3 error should be gone; if not, I would recommend contacting IBI technical support.

Here’s a more comprehensive article on how to address this.

UPDATE: Make sure to install the Java Runtime Environment or the JDK and create the paths before installing the server. With WF8 server, it couldn’t find the path. However, when I reinstalled it, it was fine.

Finally, if you installed the x64 version of the Report Server, then you will need to reference the x64 version of the JVM.

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