About Me

My name is Alexander ‘Sandy’ Chiang and I’m software geek. I am currently a Program Manager for You.i Labs. I hope to bring a world class TV experience to every connected device.

I was a Solutions Director at Information Builders Canada. As a Solutions Director, I architect business intelligence solutions using our technology that includes the WebFOCUS and the iWay data management products.

I started out as a software developer building various custom business intelligence tools such as ad-hoc analysis user interfaces and dashboards. This served as a stepping stoneĀ  to focusing solely in the business intelligence space.

Although I work in a new space, I continue my education in business intelligence with the aspiration to combine business intelligence, performance management, and data visualization into a unified, pragmatic framework.

Some Articles I’ve written:

Data Visualization on Smart Phones

What is a Dashboard?

What is BI?

Visualizing Multiple Trends on a Chart

Visualizing Dynamic Data

Speedometers and Loudly Styled Dashboards

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