Monthly Archives: March 2014

Custom WebFOCUS Double List Box Control

The double list box control that comes out-of-the-box with WebFOCUS meets most functional requirements. However, in one of my engagements, the double list box control didn’t have all the functionality required. So I took the challenge of creating my own in jQuery so it would be easy to integrate with WebFOCUS.

The additional functionality I added was:

  1. Being able to add more than 1 column to the boxes to provide more context on what was being selected
  2. Sorting of columns
  3. Search specific to only the double list box
  4. Custom sorting of items on the selected items using drag and drop functionality

Unfortunately, I can’t share this code with you, but the following video should give you a sense of what I created.

For those interested in learning more, feel free to reach me at: I will see what I can do for you!